Fernanda Graciolli, BS

University of Maryland, College Park
Fernanda is constantly looking for ways to leverage technology to develop innovative solutions to existing problems. As the Chief Operations Officer, Fernanda leads and manages the day-to-day operations that are critical to Neurocrew achieving its mission.

Fernanda has a long-held an interest in neuroscience. She completed her undergraduate training in neuroscience at University of Maryland (UMD) and concurrently conducted neurocognitive research, testing emotional learning in infants. Following graduation, she began a position as a research specialist at the University of California, Davis (UC Davis). During her time at Davis, she worked in two different labs: in the first, she researched multisensory integration in children with autism using EEG and in the second, she used systems neuroscience tools to investigate the visual system of non-human primates. All the while, Fernanda was also developing her skills in writing, coding and product development.

As the COO of Neurocrew, she is the reason the cogs in the machine are turning. Fernanda is happiest when she is able to apply her skills to help clients achieve their goals and she aims to keep Neurocrew mission-driven above all else.
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