Jennifer Brummet, PhD

Michigan State University
Jennifer conducted her graduate work at Michigan State University in a behavioral neuroscience lab studying sex differences in mice. She studied the role of the androgen receptor and circulating hormone levels in the cellular anatomy of a brain region involved with sexually differentiated behavior.

Jennifer has experience working in both nonprofit and federal government environments, and she has applied her research background to support the work of faculty and students in a variety of different roles. She worked as a Social Scientist at National Science Foundation (NSF) in the Social, Behavioral, and Economic Sciences Directorate and assisted with proposal merit review and data analysis.

She is passionate about crafting scientific stories for the appropriate audience, including policymakers, the public and other scientists. She especially enjoys writing pieces for policymakers and the public, which includes crafting social media campaigns to create engagement and awareness around a topic of interest.

Helping neuroscientists reach excellence through effective communication.