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We offer simple, straight-forward pricing. For services that require a quote, please allow 24 hours for a response via email.

Copyediting Rates

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Light Copyediting

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Moderate Copyediting

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Developmental Editing

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Writing Rates

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Formatting Rates

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FAQ - Editing

FAQ - Writing

What counts as a correction?

A correction is one continuous deletion, addition, modification, formatting or comment, as counted by Word or Google Docs. We do not count number of characters within each correction. For example, if we delete 4 words from one sentence, that counts as one correction. If we then replace those words with new words, that is still just one correction. If we add in a comma, that counts as one correction. 

Why do you charge per correction?

We have found that this way of charging is much fairer to both parties. When you pay a flat rate per word, you will pay the same amount whether you need a light edit or a heavy developmental edit. In both of these transactions, one of us gets shortchanged. Paying per correction reduces a lot of friction associated with the editing process. 

Why do you charge $20/1000 words?

Even if there are only one or two corrections needed in a text, it still takes us time to process the file, read it over and deliver it to you. $20/1000 words is the base price necessary to reserve and use our services. 

What about revisions?

We offer unlimited free revisions as long as there is no new content to edit. For example, if we return a text to you and you add in a paragraph, we do charge for that revision. However, if we return a text to you and you find errors in our edits, or you respond to comments by adding a phrase or a word, we are happy to revise at no extra charge. We stand by our work 100% and strive to return every text in perfect condition during the first round of edits. 
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